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Which tool works harder for you?

Your resume and LinkedIn profile are essential tools in your job search. One of these tools will work 1,000 times harder for you. We'll show you why and how.

What happens 
when you apply online?

You'll get the secret "behind the scenes view" of what happens to your resume when you hit APPY. What are the chances the real decision-maker will ever see your resume? 

How can you stand out in a crowd?

You will learn a simple tip that will absolutely separate you from 1,000 other folks who are applying for the same jobs online. We'll show you how to be 1 in 1,000.

Let's find that dream engineering job so you can get on with your life!

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  • Your LinkedIn Profile is about 1,000 times more important than your Resume.
  • Your LinkedIn Profile is how you Present yourself to the Professional World.
  • It runs 24 /7 for the REST OF YOUR CAREER!
  • Tell Your Story to anyone who is interested in you and what skills and talents your bring to the World.
  • This cool Checklist is the First Most Important Step in your Job Search! - 

As a professional engineer & an engineering recruiter, I am excited to be your coach. “It takes one to know one!!” 


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