Connecting with Groups on Linkedin

Jun 29, 2021

Developing your Professional network means that you are being Intentional in Starting a Relationship that may last the Rest of your Career!!

Who do you connect with:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Professors
  • Old bosses : Ask them for a Referral if you know they would give you a strong recommendation.
  • College friends – particularly those that are in the same major
  • Folks that “look like you”  (People tend to connect with folks with similar backgrounds)
  • Attended the Same University
  • Live in the area that you are looking to work
  • That are in your Profession
  • People that work at the...
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Desperate Times Requires Desperate Measures

Apr 20, 2021

As a Recruiter, When I talk with folks who are looking for a new job, I often ask them, "on a Scale of 1-10 how desperate are you to find a job in order to pay bills?"

10= I need a job in the next week because I need to pay rent in two weeks.

5= I have a few months savings to pay bills, so I have time to look for the "right Job" before I will start getting nervous.

1= I've got plenty of money,  don't need to work , I just want to work for fun.

If you are at a 10, and need work this week.  Here are my top 5 Suggestions to find work fast!


1- Take a minimum wage job in order...

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Top Five Job Search Habits!

Apr 12, 2021

 When you are Unemployed, a Job Search is the Hardest Job you will ever have!

Why is it so Hard?

  • You may have lost your Mojo or Confidence.  We all suffer from "Imposter Syndrome" when looking for a job. It is so easy to get stuck emotionally, to start calling yourself bad names and believing the worst about yourself.


  • You may not have a Plan or Direction to your job search.  Most Engineers are 1000 times better at being an engineer and solving tough problems, but have never been trained in the fine art of Networking or developing New Relationships.


  • You may...
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