Success is a journey, not a destination.

The doing is often more important that the outcome.

~ Arthur Ashe. 

Success Stories.

Here we celebrate the growth process of the job search and the lessons learned along the way!

John Allen, Civil Engineer

You are the Hero of your Story. After years of schooling, it’s time to start your career or take the next step!! You are now ready to make the world a better place! You are on a Success Journey!


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Ajinkya (AJ) Deshpande, E.I.T.

I took the DIY Engineering Job Search Course in May 2020. Pat really brought a lot of great ideas and helped me in getting noticed by Hiring Managers and Recruiters. read more


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Farhoud (Dan) Kabirian, Materials Scientist

Getting noticed is absolutely the biggest challenge in the job search process. I had gone through this process in the past and suffered a lot. read more


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Ken Allen, Father of a College Grad

I took the DIY Engineering Job Search Course in May 2020 with my son (a new grad during COVID pandemic). read more


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Johnny Shearer, Chemical Engineer

Chemical Engineer Just Starts out his Job Search!

A Successful Journey of One Thousand Miles Starts with the First Step! 


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